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This page is about the editing conventions used on this wiki.

General wisdom

As far as possible/relevant, we try to follow wikipedia editing guidelines, just to have a sane and well-known default. When in doubt, do as Wikipedia does.

Exceptions relevant to Software Heritage, ad hoc guidelines, or details worth recalling are listed below.

Page titles

Conventions to name pages in this wiki (including categories)

  • page titles are not written in CamelCaseStyle
  • rather: use spaces between words and let MediaWiki turn them into underscores in page URLs for you
  • use sentence case in page titles, i.e.:
    • always capitalize the first word
    • capitalize subsequent words only for proper nouns
    • example: this page title is "Wiki editing conventions"

Page creation

when do we create a page dedicated to a specific topic?

  • when a single link to the corresponding external resource (e.g., external) website is no longer enough
  • otherwise, we just create a link to the external resource

typical life cycle of information about an external resource (e.g., GitHub) is therefore:

  1. add a link to its website (e.g., from another, more general page (e.g., Forges)
  2. discover that we need to add more information, possibly Software Heritage-specific (e.g., information on how to scrape GitHub)
  3. create a dedicated page (e.g., GitHub)
  4. replace previous links to the external website, with links to the internal page


The following interwikis are configured to ease linking (and redirect, reuse templates, etc.) among Software Heritage wikis: