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The mission of the Software Heritage archive is to preserve the software source code, together with the history of its development, that is essential to understand how and why a particular software artefact has been created.

For this, preserving the history contained in any Version Control System (VCS), is of paramount importance. To ensure uniform access to the development history of software artefacts, independently of the particular VCS used, Software Heritage is built around a model of what a VCS is, that must be generic enough to ecompass the features found in all of them.

The MIV working group's main objective is to ensure this core VCS model stays up to date.


How long the group is expected to stay in operation; includes date of creation

Expected outcomes

  • Monitoring the existing and emerging new standards for VCSs.
  • Evaluating and modeling the features of VCSs that are new or missing w.r.t. the Software Heritage VCS model.
  • Proposing evolutions for the Software Heritage VCS model.

Related working groups

This working group is related to: Modeling and Ingesting Version control systems (MIV)

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