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The Software Heritage archive collects the source code of software projects from a variety of origins. Each of these origins may provide metadata describing different characteristics of the project of which this source code is part, and potentially containing information on the people that take part in it.

The goal of the ELIE working group is to explore and analyze the ethical and legal issues that may arise related to the collection and aggregation of the information contained in the Software Heritage archive.

The ELIE working group will propose policy documents for guiding the operation of the Software Heritage archive and network of peers, and contribute to develop a consensus on the best practices, that may vary according to the geographical location of the peer nodes.


This working group is open ended.

Expected outcomes

Explore and analyse the ethical and legal issues relevant for Software Heritage.

Monitor the best practices used in other initiatives for handling these issues.

Develop policy documents proposing the best practices for handling these issues, and in particular for handling sensitive of personal data, and take down notices.

Develop and Evolve a set of minimal common commitments for the peer nodes joining the Software Heritage network, that will be collected in a Software Heritage Peer Charter.

Related working groups

This working group is related to: Distribution, Replication and Query (DIREQ), Metadata and Linked Data (MELD), Scientific API (SAPI)

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