Phabricator callsign naming convention

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Each repository in Phabricator can be associated to a short callsign. You can choose one at repository creation time, or configuring it later.

Here is the callsign naming convention adopted by Software Heritage.


  • 1st letter group (1 character) denotes the macro area the repository belongs to. It must best one of:
    • A: non-software Annexes (e.g., raw data), including Git annexes
    • C: CI related repositores (jjb, Dockerfiles, etc.)
    • D: Development repositories (e.g., Python modules)
    • M: project Management repositories
    • P: Packaging repositories (e.g., Debian packages)
    • S: Sysadm repositories (e.g., Puppet stuff)
    • T: Tools and utilities (misc)
    • X: eXternal projects, not strictly related to Software Heritage, that might one day migrate elsewhere (e.g., Postgres extensions)

Annexes (1st letter: A)

  • 2nd letter group
    • AG: Git annexes
  • notable repositories / exceptions
    • AGPUB: public Git annex
    • AGPRV: private Git annex (Software Heritage team only)

Continuous Integration (1st letter: C)

Development (1st letter: D)

  • 2nd letter group
    • LD: loaders
    • CL: cloners
    • LS: listers
    • W: web stuff
  • 3rd letter group: format loaders/cloners/listers act on
    • DIR: directories
    • DEB: Debian packages
    • G: Git
    • CG: Cgit
    • ANT: Antepedia/Antelink
  • postfix modifiers
    • T: test stuff related to the corresponding repository without trailing T (e.g., DSTOT is test stuff for DSTO)
  • notable repositories / exceptions
    • DENV: development environment
    • DCORE: core foundations

Management (1st letter: M)

  • notable repositories / exceptions
    • MGMT: catch-all management repository
    • MSLD: talk slides

Packaging (1st letter: P)

  • 2nd letter group
    • FK: Flask-related packages

Sysadm (1st letter: S)

  • 2nd letter group
    • P: puppet stuff
  • notable repositories / exceptions
    • SPENV: puppet environment (get all the repos)
    • SPSITE: puppet site
    • SPPROF: puppet profiles
    • SPROLE: puppet roles

Tools and utilities (1st letter: T)

External (1st letter: X)

Notable top-level repositories / exceptions

  • PWD: passwords and credentials