Google Summer of Code 2019/Web UI improvements

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Title: Web UI improvements


Software Heritage can be accessed through a beautiful and rich Web UI, developed in Django. This project was aimed at improving the web interface (swh-web).



  • Antoine Lambert
  • Valentin Lorentz

Work highlights

  • Security testing : Various XSS vulnerabilities were fixed in the website.
  • End-to-end Testing :
    • End-to-end tests were written for the website in Cypress (JavaScript framework).
    • 71 percent JavaScript code coverage was achieved.
    • These are end-to-end test are already being being executed for each swh-web diff.
  • Other Improvements : Language select option, improve responsiveness, some UI enhancements, improve image & pdf rendering, redirection for uppercase hash

What's left

  • We stand a bit away from 80% code coverage mark for the front-end JavaScript. There is scope of adding more cypress tests.
  • Origin search interface may be further improved. Some tests are already written for the same which should make the task easier.
  • Update of readme with information about end-to-end tests.


Activity reports