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Replicability and Reproducibility as core values for scientific research, as well as key prerequisites for technology transfer from research to industry, and for preserving long term access to digital information. Making available the source code of software used in research is now considered a key factor for scientific reproducibility, in many disciplines (see for example the policy adopted by Nature).

Software Heritage ensures availability and traceability of source code, as well as uniform access to it, no matter where and how it is developed. Hence, it is an essential building block for all efforts to achieve scientific reproducibility.

The REOS working group is in charge of ensuring this building block is properly used and connected with all other building blocks in the edifice of knowledge.


This working group is open ended.

Expected outcomes

Monitoring and evaluation of current and forecoming approaches to replicability and reproducibility: virtualisation, encapsulation, or configuration management are a few examples.

Coordination with all related initiatives, in particular in connection with Open Access or Artefact Evaluation efforts.

Metadata and ontologies relevant to replicability of software, collected manually, or extracted from existing knowledge bases, like StackOverflow.

Raising awareness of the importance of Software Preservation for replicability and reproducibility.

As well as fostering the emergence of a replicability software wikipedia on top of Software Heritage.


Related working groups

This working group is related to: Open Access and Data (OPAD), Metadata and Linked Data (MELD)

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