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About Software Heritage

The Software Heritage initiative has the stated goal to collect, organise, preserve, and share all the source code of the software that is publicly available.

This is an ambitious goal that starts from protecting the past, in the spirit of many other digital preservation initiatives, and focuses on providing the best information to software users and developers in the present, in order to improve our future.

This wiki page provides the central hub for the public information of all the working groups established via the Software Heritage initiative.

Software Heritage Working Groups

The goal of Software Heritage working groups is to accompany the growth of the software archive built by Software Heritage, and make sure that proper connections are established with all related initiatives, user and interest groups.

All working groups abide to the general principles set out in the Working group process.

The planned working groups are shortly described below, with their current status.

List of working groups

Extending the archive

Evolving the archive

Connecting the archive

Using the archive


  • The Glossary page collects the definition of terms commonly used in the Software Heritage project.