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In this page we keep track of the past and upcoming talks about Software Heritage, in various venues.

Please keep the table sorted by reverse date (most recent talk first).

Date Venue Title Speaker Slides Video
21 Sep 2016 OW2con'16 Beyond OW2: Software Heritage, Building the Universal Software Archive Stefano Zacchiroli
07 Sep 2016 Meetup git Paris #3 Software Heritage: une archive mondiale du logiciel libre, inspirée de Git Nicolas Dandrimont,
Stefano Zacchiroli
04 Sep 2016 FSFE Summit 2016 Software Heritage - the Universal Archive of Free Software Roberto Di Cosmo PDF
05 Aug 2016 Electromagnetic Field 2016 Nicolas Dandrimont HTML n/a
04 Jul 2016 Open Source Seminar at UMONS Software Heritage: Building the Universal Software Archive Roberto Di Cosmo PDF n/a
04 Jul 2016 DebConf16 Software Heritage: Building the Universal Software Archive Nicolas Dandrimont PDF WebM
21 Jun 2016 Journées Scientifiques Inria, Rennes What would you do with billions of source code files? Challenges and opportunities in software archival Roberto Di Cosmo PDF n/a
16 Dec 2015 Seminar "Codes Sources", UPMC Large-scale source code archival, publishing, and indexing with Debsources [and Software Heritage] Stefano Zacchiroli PDF n/a
04 Dec 2015 EvoLille 2015 Ten years analysing large code bases: a perspective Roberto Di Cosmo PDF n/a
21 May 2015 International Scilab Users Conference Preserving Software: Challenges and Opportunities for Reproducibility of Science and Technology Roberto Di Cosmo PDF Vimeo
09 Dec 2014 Reproductibility Working Group, Inria Preserving Software: Challenges and opportunities for reproductibility Roberto Di Cosmo PDF n/a