Improve and extend the archive Web UI (GSoC task)

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As you probably know already, The Software Heritage archive can be browsed on the Web. The code powering that interface is a Django application that also implements a Web API.

Task description

Several improvements are possible on the archive Web interface and would make great GSoC projects, some ideas to whet your appetite:

  • add developer-oriented features, e.g., source file history, blame/praise interface, in-browser edit (with patch download), ... (note that this will also require backend design and implementation)
  • improve accessibility
  • display metadata we already mined from the archive

Expected duration:

  • if you choose the developer-oriented features: 350 hours. Difficulty: hard
  • for others mentioned above: 175 hours. Difficulty: easy

Desirable skills

  • Python 3 and Git are a must to work on any Software Heritage project
  • Django
  • web development and/or design
  • Javascript knowledge is useful but not required

Potential mentors

  • Antoine Lambert (anlambert on IRC)
  • Valentin Lorentz (vlorentz on IRC)
  • Jayesh Velayudhan (jayeshv on IRC)

Other relevant (but independent) tasks

Improve project search engine (GSoC task) is an independent task, which may or may not involve improvements to the Web UI, depending on you tastes.

While this task can be about displaying metadata we already mined, you may also be interested in Mine information from archived content (GSoC task) and Mine information from external sources (GSoC task) to mine more of this metadata; but those are completely independent tasks.