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IRC channels

The following channels have been registered on the IRC network for Software Heritage usage.

If you use IRC, consider joining the channels.

If you don't use IRC directly, you can still join our chat channels from your web browser via a Matrix bridge by clicking on the channel names in the list above. You will be asked to create a Element account if you don't have one yet.

IRC authentication defaults to blocking private messages from unauthentified users! All users should register their nicknames to be able to message one another privately, by following the instructions below. If you're really unable to register, you should ask your correspondent to consider setting usermode -R, and +g

To register an account with NickServ, please follow the registration instructions provided by staff.

You will then receive an e-mail containing a link to activate you account. After doing so, you need to configure your client to auto-authenticate. The recommended way of doing that is using SASL authentication.

For matrix, the relevant docs is here: also supports authentication via TLS client certificates (using SASL EXTERNAL).

Matrix bridge

For registering an account through the Matrix bridge (relevant docs here), please follow these instructions:

1. Choose a short nickname (the default nickname picked by the matrix bridge has a [m] and can be quite long, as it defaults to your Matrix display name (minus non-ASCII non-alphanumerical characters)

/msg !nick <USERNAME>

2. Send this command to NickServ to register your account:

/msg register <PASSWORD> <EMAIL>

3. Once you receive the confirmation email with a token, activate your account by using:


4. Give the Matrix bridge appservice your password so that you get identified automatically when matrix reconnects you to IRC:

/msg !username <USERNAME>
/msg !storepass <PASSWORD>

IRC access list

To auto-voice people with a registered nick (only doable by people with +fA access modes will be able to do it), add them to the team channel access list:

/msg chanserv flags #swh-team add <nickname> Staff

Other channels pick their ACLs from that of the #swh-team channel.

If you already have the right (+o ChanServ flag), you can make yourself an operator, with:

/msg chanserv OP #swh-devel