External contribution integration

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External contribution integration

New external contributions are starting [1]. Here is the current team workflow defined.

We should:

  • Review the diff and explain what's need adapting
  • Accept the diff if ready [2]
   cd /path/to/<repository-concerned-by-diff>
   PATCH_NAME=<patch-name>  # use the right patch name D301 for example
   CONTRIBUTOR_NAME="<contributor-name>"  # use the right contributor's full name
   arc patch $PATCH_NAME
   # this will create a local commit amend the commit message if
   # necessary (added a `Close <concerned-task> for example)
   git commit -m 'Update contributors file'
   git checkout master
   git merge $BRANCH_TO_MERGE
   git branch -d $BRANCH_TO_MERGE
   git push

[1] https://forge.softwareheritage.org/D301 https://forge.softwareheritage.org/D302

[2] We should only be able to accept it if the contributor has already signed the CLA