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Context: Software Heritage is an ambitious research project whose goal is to collect, preserve in the very long term, and share the whole publicly accessible Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) in source code form.

Description: Companies shipping software as part of their products review the source code they ship against databases of known FOSS components to make sure they are not shipping unexpected pieces of code. The goal of this internship is developing a source code scanner that will be run on a software project to determine which parts of it are already known/archived in the Software Heritage archive. The scanning should be as efficient as possible and the results should be displayed in simple graphical ways (e.g., treemaps).

Desirable skills to obtain this internship:

  • Python development

Workplace: on site at Inria Paris (contact mentors for remote opportunities)

Environment: you will work shoulder to shoulder with all members of the Software Heritage team, and you will have a chance to witness from within the construction of the great library of source code.

Internship mentors:

  • Guillaume Rousseau <>
  • Stefano Zacchiroli <>

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