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This page documents code review practices used for Software Heritage development.



  1. Code reviews (CRs) are strongly recommended for any non-trivial code change, but not mandatory (nor enforced at the VCS level).
  2. The CR workflow is implemented using Phabricator/Differential.
  3. Explicitly suggest reviewer(s) when submitting new CR requests: either the most knowledgeable person(s) for the target code or the general Reviewers group (which is also the default).
  4. Review anything you want: no matter the suggested reviewer(s), feel free to review any outstanding CR.
  5. One LGTM is enough: feel free to approve any outstanding CR.
  6. Review every day: CRs should be timely as fellow developers will wait for them. To make CRs team-sustainable each developer should allocate a fixed minimum amount of time for doing CR every (work ☺) day.

For more detailed suggestions (and much more) on the motivational and practical aspects of code reviews see Good reads below.

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