Best practices using metadata

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1. Use a detailed metadata file with name appropriate to context as listed bellow :

context filename in CodeMeta crosswalk table implemented for swh translation
java- Maven pom.xml yes no
Octave DESCRIPTION yes no
R package DESCRIPTION yes no
ruby gems .gemspec or Rakefile yes no
Javascript npm package.json, [ AUTHORS, README, CHANGES, LICENSE & NOTICE] files yes no
Perl CPAN::META META.json, META.yml, .sDpec yes no
Dart pubspec.yaml no no
Debian package debian/upstream/metadata yes no
puppet metadata.json no no
PyPI yes no
Scientific software CITATION no no
CodeMeta CODE, code.json, codemeta.json yes no
Java gradle no no
Jekyll _config.yml


clojure project.clj or build.boot no no
haskell <project name>.cabal no no
scala build.sbt no no
Ocaml opam no no

2. Use Semantic Versioning [1] for reproducibility purposes.